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Baseball Drills

Baseball drills we use at Think Outside The Diamond in Naples, Florida.

Pitching Mechanics

Increase your velocity and protect your arm with proper pitching mechanics.

Baseball Hitting Drills

Choose the proper baseball hitting drills for your swing mistakes.

Hitting Drills

Hitting drills we use during our training sessions at Think Outside The Diamond in Naples, Florida.

Pitching Drills

Choose the proper pitching drills to improve your pitching success.

Think Outside The Diamond Blog

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Why is vision training important for baseball & softball?

Vision training enhances an athletes' visual abilities; before your skill can be used what has to happen first?  Your eyes have to process the infomation (optic nerve processes) before your hard earned skill you worked for can be used.  So my question is this, why do we spend so much time on our swing when the first part of a successful hitter is the ability to use and recognize the pitch which happens thru their eyes (visual flexibility)?  Think about it- it makes alot of sense.  We developed a visual trainer that has helped many of our clients thru the years with focus, concentration and tracking with our Think Outside The Diamond visual trainer.  Get your own visual trainer and don't drop the ball in getting all the performance you deserve.  Click here to shop.



RightView Pro swing video analysis is offered at Think Outside The Diamond! Not only is RightView Pro used by Major League Baseball and Olympic softball players, it offers an extensive library of comprehensive video analysis featuring these players - the best hitters in the world.


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For over 14 years, Coach Rick Saggese, Director of Think Outside The Diamond LLC,  has been working with amateur and professional baseball and softball players as well as athletes and teams across the country.  The mission is to help each individual and team maximize their talents by increasing their skill, confidence, responsibilities, work ethics and respect for themselves and the game.  These vital attributes have helped our clients not only on the field, but more importantly in the classroom and in their personal lives.  We have helped many of our clients play baseball and softball at their highest level and in turn have went on to play collegiately and/or professionally.   Coach Rick also has extensive knowledge in increasing a players strength, quickness, speed and agility because good players excel in one or more of these areas but great ones combine them all.